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Leading an Operations organization requires broad functional expertise, deep understanding of products, processes and people, and the experience to avoid making critical mistakes that put our companies at risk.  The Silicon Valley Operations Leadership Forum was formed to provide Operations Leaders the insight to meet these diverse challenges. 

A Day in the Life...

Today’s Hi-Tech Operations executives face many challenges. We need a thorough understanding of the company’s business flows and functions, the products, the customers, the end-to-end supply chain/manufacturing operation, and the supporting technology that provides the data and BI/KPIs to manage the business. We are the underlying foundation/organization that ensures:

  • New products make it to market quickly and reliably

  • Supply Chains are agile, predictable, cost effective, and responsive

  • Inventory levels balance working capital and market driven service levels

  • Manufacturing capability can produce the product(s) on demand, at the lowest cost,  and at the highest quality

  • Products meet stated quality, reliability, and compliance specifications

  • Sales and operations planning processes are providing the right product, at the right time, and at the right place

  • Our customers have a positive experience in purchasing our products 


We are also expected to lead continuous improvement initiatives across the operational functions and processes and lead technical problem-solving efforts across the organization to resolve various operational issues.  And not to mention dealing with the ever increasing pressure from CEOs and Boards to achieve stated operational and financial goals with lower product cost, lower overhead, and shorter lead-times.

In managing the day-to-day tactical activities Hi-tech Operations executives oversee functions across many diverse disciplines. We usually have the most diverse organization in the company.   Our teams typically include:

  • Supplychain & Logistics

  • Order Fulfillment 

  • Manufacturing technology and operations

  • Product/Operations engineering

  • Sales & Operations Planning

  • Procurement & Inventory Management

  • Product Quality & Reliability

  • Corporate Quality (Quality Management System, Regulatory Compliance)

  • Information Technology


We are expected to be knowledgeable in all these areas while making sure the directors and managers leading these teams are experienced and, if possible, thought leaders in their respective disciplines.

The Silicon Valley Operations & Technology Leadership Forum was created to meet the needs of these challenges by providing a forum for operations executives to stay current with the latest innovations, technology solutions, and thought leadership across the diverse disciplines of Operations in pursuit of operational excellence.